10 Things You Need To Know About NXT's Aleister Black

Get ready, WWE: the former Tommy End is on his way.


Five months after reporting for duty at the WWE Performance Center, Aleister Black is finally on his way to NXT television. A vignette hyping the celebrated newcomer's imminent arrival aired on this Wednesday's NXT TV, and while there's no official word on when he'll debut, it has been suggested that Black will show-up either at or after TakeOver: Orlando on April 1st.

It has been a long time coming for Black, who has become one of Europe's most vaunted wrestlers since debuting at 17 years old. A feared striker with a legitimate combat sports background, Black christened himself Tommy End in 2002, and conquered the central European circuit soon after. Success eventually brought him to new stages all around the world, and by the time he caught WWE's attention last year, End had become one of indie wrestling's most in-demand performers.

Black's unique look will make him stand-out from day one, but there's more to this complex character than meets the eye. Few wrestlers can match Black's strong sense of individuality, and if his first vignette is anything to go by, it doesn't look like WWE are going to water Europe's most interesting wrestling down.

With the clock finally ticking on Aleister Black's NXT arrival, let's get to know Full Sail University's latest violent artist before he officially debuts...

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