10 Things You Need To Know About WWE's New Signing Kairi Hojo

10. Her Unique Sports Background


WWE are used to signing athletes from a diverse array of backgrounds, and you’ll find former Olympic wrestlers, NFL players, martial artists, and models across the company’s talent pool these days. WWE’s signing policy has shifted towards acquiring those with significant independent wrestling experience in recent years, but they’ve rarely cast such a wide net, and will try to create a star from almost anyone.

Despite this diversity, Kairi Hojo’s athletic background is completely unique among WWE’s roster. She had no combat sports experience prior to taking-up wrestling, and instead focused on yachting. Competing close to a world championship level, Hojo harboured ambitions of making it to the Olympics, and found great success in national competitions throughout her college career.

Hojo also played a lot of volleyball during this period, though her dedication to both sports waned after graduating from Hosei University. Volleyball and yachting don’t exactly sound like sports with a vast amount of transferable wrestling skills, but evidently put Hojo on a good footing ahead of her joshi career. Furthermore, her yachting background rather lazily led to her first major gimmick...


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