10 Times Wrestlers Took Their Careers Into Their Own Hands

"Action is the antidote to despair."


On SmackDown this Tuesday, the script called for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to repeatedly feed the New Day.

Despite just forming their riot of a top heel double act, the pendulum swung in the direction of Big E et al., likely as a result of their mooted dream match opposite the Shield at Survivor Series. And so, for this week at least, they were kept strong. In the script; Owens and Zayn defied it in most controversial fashion. After Kofi Kingston pinned Zayn with a top rope cross body block, in an era in which even finishers aren't finishers, Owens hit the ring and pummelled Kofi. Big E and Xavier Woods made the save, at which point Owens and Zayn were scripted to fight back and get knocked back down. This, obviously, didn't happen - and the ironic "men of honour" were consequently sent home.

That pendulum is one of WWE's profound creative crutches. Nobody ever stays strong for long - but this was a ludicrously quick dousing, even by WWE standards. You suspect Owens and Zayn were annoyed and baffled into action.

If the sheer magnitude of stars present in this list confirm anything, it's that Kevin and Sami are in (mostly) good company.

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