10 Times WWE Creative RUINED Their Biggest Stars

Undisputed Ass Clown.

Roman Reigns

WWE are ruining Roman Reigns by continually portraying him as a whiny superhero babyface who believes he "deserves" to challenge Brock Lesnar again and again despite failure.

That's the popular narrative, and it won't change until the company either turn Reigns into a bad-ass heel or stop pushing him down everyone's throats. The problem is this: Roman rakes in hefty merch sales for company coffers, and he's really not that bad. Seriously, if WWE creative tweaked a few things here or there, Roman would be better off and way more tolerable.

Unfortunately, if they're not penning material that actually saves careers, those pesky WWE writers are peddling guff that threatens to ruin them. It's annoying, because wrestling is an industry controlled by people who literally have the power to stop crap from happening. It's distressing, then, that sh*t has hit the fan so many times.

Worse, it's their doing. The creative brain trust are the ones responsible for writing those moments that suck. Nobody else is to blame, not even the performers who go out in front of the cameras and try their hardest to make the best of things.

No, not even Roman...


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