10 Times WWE Destroyed Something Brilliant

The Eater of Logic.


Progress is slow, but recent omens are hopeful.

WWE, after years of stupidly trying to build and trademark sports entertainers from scratch in venues far sh*ttier than the high school gyms they buried Daniel Bryan for apparently wrestling in, is finally recognising that it might be best to simply allow performers to do what made them popular in the first place.

AJ Styles debuted in 2016 under the maverick guise of AJ Styles. Kevin Owens changed his surname and little else. Samoa Joe didn't even become Samoa Jim; he debuted in 2015 with almost the same theme music to which he entered the Impact Zone. The famed WWE bubble is bursting - but the company's trademark heavy-handed approach is still evident elsewhere.

It seems obvious at this point that the main roster creative regime - i.e., Vince McMahon - doesn't really "get" Shinsuke Nakamura, opting to poke fun at and embellish his tangential association with Michael Jackson (and apparently, by extension, all 1980s popular music, him being 'The Artist'). Nakamura isn't the only character painted with broad strokes, and the phenomenon is as old as McMahon's pop culture reference points.

He has even injected his own creations with a lethal dose of poison.

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