10 Times WWE Failed To Make Dean Ambrose 'The Guy'

Forget 'The Big Dog': Ambrose could have been running the yard instead of jumping ship to AEW.


Jon Moxley - the artist formerly known as Dean Ambrose - blew the roof off with his debut for AEW at their Double or Nothing PPV and is certain to be a major player for the new promotion going forward. Since then, Moxley has spoken candidly of his horrid time behind the scenes with WWE on the Talk is Jericho podcast (and others) revealing all the nonsensical decisions that led to his departure.

Despite world title reigns and main event status, it's fair to say Ambrose still never reached his full potential under Vince McMahon's dominion, and was restrained by his booking. There was no lack of opportunities to launch Dean to the next level however. Creative just never seemed to take advantage - as is the case of many a superstar.

Ambrose could have been the next 'Stone Cold'. Instead, he was forced to play second fiddle to his close friend Roman Reigns - who the higher ups clearly had more faith in as the face of company. From rivalries lost to WrestleMania matches squandered, these are the moments when WWE ripped the rocket from Ambrose's back and which eventually drove him packing.

With ratings on the decline and stock dropping, they may just be moments which the wrestling conglomerate soon lives to regret!

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