10 Times WWE Ruined Bray Wyatt

The Eater of Worlds keeps getting eaten by creative.



With one word, Bray Wyatt cryptically vented his frustration in a tweet sent last Sunday after Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Backlash. Wyatt, now lost in the shuffle on Raw, had to watch as his top heel spot on SmackDown was usurped by a former preliminary wrestler in Mahal.

Bray shouldn’t have been surprised at this recent turn of events. His entire tenure in WWE from when he first came up as Husky Harris to his most successful incarnation has been plagued by lost feuds, dropped storylines, and general mismanagement, despite him being of one of the most enticing and interesting characters currently on the roster.

WWE could very well have had a major hit on their hands had the booking been better. Alas, WWE has failed Bray more times than they’ve succeeded with him. So much so, that an entire article can be written on the subject.

Still, it'll be okay, Bray. Though judging from the past... possibly not.

10. Husky Harris… Just… Husky Harris


WWE in 2010 was going through this weird phase with randomly generated names for its talent that didn’t seem to call back to anything. Joe Hennig, son of Mr. Perfect and grandson of Larry “The Axe” Hennig, became Michael McGillicutty of all people. He was never going to get over with that name. For Windham Rotunda, son of Mike Rotunda, he was cursed with an even sillier name: Husky Harris. The tagline was pretty good - "Sherman Tank with a Ferrari Engine" - but nobody could get past the name.

Neither could WWE creative. After a short stint in CM Punk’s new Nexus, Harris was removed from the main roster.

The Husky Harris name was so bad, that even after getting a fantastic reboot in NXT as Bray Wyatt and making his triumphant return to the main roster, he still was greeted with snarky chants of “Husky Harris” by fans who were “in the know.”

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