10 Totally Gross And Gruesome WWE Visuals

Things Get Ugly...


Wrestling is a dangerous game.

Few make it to WWE from the thousands that try and try and try, pushing their bodies beyond realistic expectations in front of tiny audiences motivated most by the dream of doing it for a sustainable living in front of the biggest crowds in the business. Those that aren't scared off by the literally inhuman grind of it all earn their scars en route. Those that actually survive and even thrive in the supposed promised land are scarred even deeper.

In the rare case a performer gets in and out of WWE physically unscathed, a complete and total mental breakdown usually awaits. If the work itself wasn't hard enough on bodies and minds, the travel removes performers from anything resembling the real world - day-to-day life a distant memory or occasional reality in between making towns and hitting gyms.

Visuals such as the ones in this list should occur more than they do - it's a miracle (and a credit to the skill of the talent) that accidental injuries don't crop up on a nightly basis. Not least when when the company fly so close to the sun in the quest to create them...


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