10 Underrated WWE Attitude Era Matches

The hidden gems.


The Attitude Era only encompasses three (or four, depending on who you talk to) years of WWE history, yet many of the company's all-time best and most memorable moments can be found therein.

This can primarily be attributed to the strength of the roster, which was not only liberally sprinkled with some of the industry's biggest ever stars, but also a healthy under-card filled with top-tier talents like Chris Jericho, Ken Shamrock, Chris Benoit, X-Pac, Jeff Jarrett and Eddie Guerrero.

Since they were very seldom afforded the requisite time to produce a five-star, for-the-ages classic, their matches were sometimes over-shadowed by the main events that followed them, destined to be remembered as mere starters in a three-course meal.

In our efforts to celebrate the very best matches the Attitude Era had to offer, these ones are often forgotten about - and the same can even be said of some of those that actually headlined shows, such was the frequency with which great, era-defining matches came about.

And that just won't do - so here are 10 that deserve a second viewing.

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