10 Unfinished WWE Storylines That Remain A Mystery

Not every story gets the ending it deserves.


Professional wrestling is a soap opera framed around athletic competition. It’s been that way for years, and whether you watch it for the engaging storylines, bold characters, or exciting in-ring action, it’s hard to argue that WWE have continually pushed the sport towards drama, and away from its grappling routes.

WWE’s current rosters are packed with some of the world’s most exciting athletes capable of producing weekly in-ring clinics, but storylines remain their bread and butter. The stories and characters are what frame the action, draw viewers in, and give the wrestlers purpose and direction. An engaging storyline can turn a good match into a great match, and while WWE haven’t always been the most creative or original storytellers, things are heading in the right direction with the New Era.

What use is a good storyline if the conclusion’s not up to scratch, though? Every feud needs a big pay-off, and every tale needs a satisfying conclusion, or it’s all been for nothing. There’s one thing worse than a story that ends on a whimper, however: one that simply doesn’t end at all.

WWE history is scattered with a shockingly large number of storylines that went unfinished and quietly vanished into the ether. The company have been abandoning stories at all levels of the card for decades, and given some of the recent examples, it doesn’t look like this trend’s going to die anytime soon.

Here are 10 WWE storylines that were abandoned and never finished.

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