10 Ups & 0 Downs From Last Night's WWE SmackDown (Jul 24)

Highlights aplenty as Miz, Joe, and Orton steal the show.

Daniel Bryan The Miz Maryse

Numbers can be deceiving.

A quick glance at this week's title suggests an all-time great episode of SmackDown, and that everything found within its two hours was exceptional. This isn't quite the case. What the fabled "0 Downs" really means is that no match, segment, or storyline was a net negative, and that while there were a couple of minor gripes peppered throughout the night, each was too nitpicky to justify its own entry.

That being said, it was another storming night from the blue brand, with AJ Styles finally learning his SummerSlam opponent, The Miz waging another round of psychological warfare with Daniel Bryan, and Becky Lynch fighting for the right to face Carmella on the 19 August pay-per-view.

Elsewhere, Paige's tag tournament kicked off with Sanity vs. The New Day, Randy Orton explained last week's assault of Jeff Hardy, and Asuka embarked on the road to recovery.

Everything on this show ranged from "decent" to "great." Nothing was spectacular, but it all succeeded, resulting in a well-formed show with only a couple of notable peaks, but no valleys. Hats off to the blue writing team: they're more than making up for the misery of WWE's other main roster brand at the moment...


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