10 Ways TNA Totally Screwed Themselves Over

Impact Wrestling is a mess, and it's all their own fault.


TNA may finally be in the final stages of its existence. The company has been running on fumes for a long time, and while rumours of Impact Wrestling’s imminent demise have circulated for years, the walls are finally closing in.

The company owe an exorbitant amount of money to their debtors. The latest reports suggest that American Express are suing for $270,000 in unpaid travel expenses to compound TNA’s pre-existing $3.4 million lawsuit, and Dixie Carter’s personal debt to Billy Corgan. The Fight Network (who funded TNA’s latest tapings) have offered financial assistance, but it might be too little, too late for the Nashville-based promotion.

The company is hanging on for dear life, and after years of late paycheques and emergency funding, there’s little that can save them. Even if TNA do survive the next few months, very little will change without a complete management reshuffle, which seems impossible given Dixie Carter’s stubborn refusal to sell.

There are countless guilty parties in TNA’s demise, but their reasons for failure are almost all internal. When the company eventually go down the tubes, they’ll have nobody to blame but themselves, and their collapse will come as a result of TNA shooting themselves in the foot far too many times.

Here are 10 ways TNA totally screwed themselves over.


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