10 Ways WWE Can Be THE Cool Wrestling Company Again

That joke isn't funny anymore.


New Japan Pro Wrestling is the coolest wrestling company on the scene.

A combination of unprecedented ******1/4 critical acclaim, a zeitgeist-grabbing cast of characters, and the turned head of one Chris Jericho have led us to a point at which the company has generated enough momentum to book a 5,300-seat arena for 2018's Long Beach, California show. Eric Bischoff titled his autobiography 'Controversy Creates Cash'. The word 'cool', on the evidence of New Japan's 2017 and WWE's own Attitude Era, could easily be substituted.

WWE, in contrast, isn't cool in 2017. In WWE, babyfaces are irritating rapscallions, not inventive renegades. Heels are trash-talking nuisances, not sociopathic warlords who dole out ungodly punishment to their opponents. Lower card acts are comedy losers who aren't particularly funny, not Young Lions whose furtive steps onto the main stage are meticulously planned to prove their eventual worth. In WWE, interminable promos are horrendously overwritten, and often just horrendous - like James Joyce penning a Rob Schneider vehicle.

New Japan's the Young Bucks have proven that the elusive concept of cool isn't a fringe, cult concern - it's something to be monetised...

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