10 Ways WWE Could Revive The Attitude Era (Even With A PG Rating)

We don't have to take our clothes off.


Scan virtually any Attitude Era footage on YouTube, and you will discover in the comments section a legion of wannabe time travellers. People desperately want to return to an improvised, lively product powered by invention, originality, and charismatic megastars. As a simple two minute test, the search terms "The Rock" and "Steve Austin" were entered. The following comments were found:

'there will never be another time like this, 2 mega stars who took WWE to the next level. I'm so glad I got to live and witness this era and not the wwe of past 6 years'; I don't think wrestlers today can even come close to filling those minutes...'.

You'll also stumble upon perverts. As a further simple two minute test, the search terms "WWE", "Sable" and "Debra" were entered into YouTube. The following comments were found:

'Damn Debra does have nice legs though lmao'; 'debra had a great body but a bad face'.

WWE cannot nor should not appease these people. That aspect of the Attitude Era is best left in the past; Asuka as a pro wrestler is infinitely more entertaining than any of the sex objects were. And the thing is, the WWE product had "attitude" and sex well into 2006 - Edge didn't celebrate his maiden World Title win with a cake, after all - but the returns diminished. Devoid of the invention and the star power, what was once risqué became tacky and desperate.

It's the spirit people miss - a spirit not impossible to recapture...


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