10 Ways WWE Will Be Different In 10 Years

Through new shows and management, WWE is sure gonna look different in a decade.


It’s impossible to predict the future. You can try, but any of your wild proclamations about what’s to come will almost surely be contradicted in some fashion. Foresight simply isn’t 20/20. That said, when you look at trends and changes occurring in the present, you can get a somewhat good idea of what could potentially happen.

Right now, the WWE is going through massive changes in the way it produces and distributes its content. From new programming on the WWE Network, to an influx of talent, to working relationships with independent promotions, the sports entertainment juggernaut is altering its identity so rapidly, it looks completely different from what it did even a year ago. Who knows what it’ll look like in 10 years?

Well, I don’t, but I can make a few educated guesses. Fair warning: quite a lot of these will involve the ever-growing power of that rascal Triple H. I mean, let's face it, once he's the man in charge, he'll make radical changes the same way Vince McMahon did when he took the reigns from his dad. What will these changes be?

Here's my speculation...

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