10 Weirdest WWE Royal Rumble Entrants

"A lot of fire in this youngster!"


Over the past three decades, well over 300 men and precsiely 31 women have ran down the ramp with fire in their belly, all hoping for a shot at WrestleMania glory (at least, once that became the established tradition).

It's fair to say that the vast majority of those hopefuls simply never had one. When Bushwhacker Luke marched down to the ring for his stint in 1991's edition, he almost certainly didn't expect to see his name in lights at the end of the night from a field also including eventual, inevitable winner Hulk Hogan, an emerging Bret Hart, and perennial threat Earthquake. That's probably why, after being flung in four seconds flat by the Canadian monster, he kept marching right on, in the knowledge he'd picked up a pretty pay packet for next to no work.

Others not only had no chance of winning the Rumble, but had no bloody right being there in the first place. With such a huge pool of participants - and wrestling being what it is - it should come as no surprise that WWE's January tradition has seen its fair share of completely crazy competitors.

Some of them have been so far out of left field, that even the company themselves didn't know who they were.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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