10 Worrying Signs From TNA Impact Wrestling's Reboot Episode

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Impact Reboot

Impact Wrestling are finally looking to a future without Dixie Carter. Anthem Sports & Entertainment's buyout effectively removed her from power in November, and the company haven't wasted any time in making major changes across the board.

Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantell, and Scott D'Amore have returned as producers, the initials "TNA" have been completely purged from the company's name, and a number of big name stars have left the roster. For all intents and purposes, it looked like Impact was finally heading in the right direction, with a team who were determined to learn from the failings of the past and steer the promotion towards an exciting new dawn.

Then last Thursday's Impact happened, and all those hopes went down the drain.

Impact's first episode using the new creative team's material was a complete disaster, and one of the most destructive wrestling shows in history. They hard a chance to start anew, and they totally blew it. Far from providing a "new beginning," Impact's rebirth was deeply rooted in the past, and the booked, constant WWE references, and contrived main event provided little hope for the future.

It's just one show, of course, but the outlook doesn't look good. Here are 10 worrying signs from TNA Impact Wrestling's reboot episode.


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