10 Worst WWE Pay-Per-Views Ever

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Bad wrestling, to be truly bad wrestling, has to not also end up being good. The company have turned so much chickensh*t into chicken salad over the years it's a wonder Vince McMahon didn't take a punt on a Stamford-based deli franchise instead of a football league. Twice.

Furthermore, the product itself is achingly fickle. An absolute stinker of a show can be dragged from the gutter to the stars on the strength of one legendary match. WrestleManias 13 and 25 were seemingly beyond saving before Bret Hart Vs Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker respectively rescued both shows, but these are economies of scale. 'Only okay' won't salvage a catastrophe - they'll simply serve as a reminder of what's actually possible in the product as the ugliness occurs.

To that end, this article will also identify the saving graces of otherwise unsalvageable disasters. Not least because such matters are subjective. For every fan that considers WrestleMania X-Seven the greatest pay-per-view ever, there are those that would rather sit through WrestleMania IX's car park toga party. Opinions are indeed like a*seholes. Fittingly so - these shows are the sh*ts.


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