10 Wrestlers Failed By NXT

For all of NXT's greatness some people do slip through the cracks.

CJ Parker NXT

No matter how frustrating Raw and SmackDown have been in the last few years, there has been one always been one show that fans could rely on: NXT.

In that time, Triple H's baby has been filled with more talent than a Ring of Honor reunion although, to be honest, the two would overlap a fair bit. From independent scene regulars like Samoa Joe to long time developmental floaters like Bray Wyatt, a whole generation of WWE superstars has already stepped through that system.

And yet, while we celebrate its successes, we very rarely point out its mistakes. Not everyone who steps foot in NXT goes onto the main roster, and while some of those aren't good enough, what about those that genuinely are?

For every great wrestler that makes it onto the big stages in WWE, there are one or two that fall through the gaps. It needs to be remembered that just because you don't make it in NXT, it doesn't mean you haven't got it.


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