10 Wrestlers John Cena Would Not Put Over

Tales from the crypt.

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John Cena has downed tools in recent years, having both gently lowered the shovel between 2015 and 2016 and, on the evidence of 2017, having failed to turn up to work altogether.

2015 is a distant memory. We can no longer see it; the John Cena of that year welcomed Kevin Owens to an elusive club by cleanly losing to him in a major shocker at Elimination Chamber. It was the first of three absorbing if almost polite my-turn/your-turn spot-fests. Cena was also in the midst of his quite brilliant fourth run with the United States Championship, during which time he defended it in an Open Challenge gimmick rewarding for fans and midcard talent alike. AJ Styles subsequently profited from Big Magnanimous John the following year, much like his fellow hardcore darlings CM Punk and Daniel Bryan had earlier this decade. But, as a telling indication of the extent to which SuperCena reigned supreme, even the squeaky-clean Straight Edge Superstar never did defeat John Cena cleanly.

The nicest guy outside of a wrestling ring happens to be a bit of a sh*thouse inside of it...

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