10 Wrestlers That Could Get A Good Match Out Of ANYONE

The New Day and The Usos find the REAL Power Of Positivity


"It ain't ballet".

But, it kind of is, actually.

The above soundbite is often thrown out by an older industry head every time a performer breaks a leg, suffers a stinger or takes a Brie Bella boot in the face, but the wrestling business would do well to show the same respect to the nuanced dance as Darren Aronofsky did after he'd shown respect to theirs. In The Wrestler and Black Swan, he shone a light on the pained and seemingly unrealistic realities of two niche and diverse industries that respectively grappled and swayed with the human condition first and the means of expression second.

The eponymous leads weren't separated in the mental and physical toll their (mostly) chosen professions imparted upon them, and relied upon others to ensure their performance was as polished and proficient as it possibly could be for an audience of waiting masses.

Is ballet not one of the richest forms of dance? And is dance not a medium that requires incredible physical precision and deft dual decision-making?

Dance, if anything, requires both performers to be simpatico and synced up in skill. Great wrestling is possible with only 50% of the talent at an elite level - and it's these broad-shouldered stars that cut the canvas better than most...

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