10 Wrestlers That Rocked Multiple Gimmicks At Once

10. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes Dashing Mask

From 'Dashing' to disfigured.

That was Cody Rhodes' story when he traded dental floss for a clear protective mask viewers were told was there to hold his tarnished face together. At first glance, the tale told of another self-obsessed heel being put in his place, but the brilliance of Cody's work was in the finer details. He, more so than WWE creative, made the gimmick work.

Instead of continuing his over-the-top speeches about how he'd once again be prettier than everyone when he healed, Rhodes cut a broken, dejected soul who had been mentally as well as physically crushed by Rey Mysterio's attacks on his previously flawless features. It was genius, and it's one of the most overlooked periods of Cody's run.

Forget the interminable Stardust nonsense, this was Rhodes at his best. His Batman villain approach to a genuine shattered nose made him one of SmackDown's best and most captivating characters in 2011, and it really should have led to bigger things.

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