10 Wrestlers Who Broke Their Neck For The Business

10. Hiromu Takahashi


Hiromu Takahashi's hard-earned return to NJPW's Junior Heavyweight summit at 2018's sensational Dominion supershow should have continued the post-Kenny Omega reinvigoration of the league he helped kickstart when he first won the belt in January 2017, but a horrifying injury sustained in his first title defence against Dragon Lee left him almost without a career as well as his IWGP title.

The botched Phoenix-Plex saw Hiromu under-rotate on a dangerously tight dive, folding himself up on top of his neck as he slid across the canvas. Despite finishing (and winning) the match, it was clear something was very, very wrong with the Los Ingobernables de Japon member, and reports in the days that followed of a broken neck were sadly unsurprising.

The abdication of his second reign left a hole in the hearts of his growing fanbase, but unlike others to follow on this list he thankfully didn't show fighting spirit by recklessly continue to work through the pain.


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