10 Wrestlers Who Gained Nothing From Becoming World Champion

Getting to the top is difficult. Staying there is even harder.


Winning a World championship is supposed to be the zenith of a wrestler's career. Performers spend their whole lives working to reach the upper echelon, and when they get there, it should cement their status as the industry's top dog at that point in time.

Becoming a major champion isn't enough to enmesh a wrestler among the all-time greats, but winning the gold takes a near perfect set of circumstances, and should still be treated as a major achievement. As with everything else in wrestling, however, a great start means nothing without an effective follow up - and while most wrestlers prosper in the wake of a big title win, plenty have floundered.

Capturing the gold provides no guarantee of long-term success, and countless wrestlers have seen no benefit from being handed one of the sport's top prizes. Some weren't ready for the spotlight, others suffered through poor booking, while many were just the wrong guy at the wrong time.

None were elevated as a result of their supposed crowning achievement, and while the results are often manageable, unproductive title reigns have signalled the start of many a career downturn...

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