10 Wrestlers Who Got Into Incredible Shape This Year

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Wrestling, thankfully, doesn't have as overt a view on physical appearance as it used to.

It's not to say that the industry has transformed itself behind the scenes into a place of fairness and equality where aesthetics are stuck firmly behind talent, drive and determination, but after several years as a post-Laurinaitis, WWE has again embraced variety as a relevant spice of life on its main roster.

Hulking brutes The Viking Raiders will almost certainly dominate the doubles division on Raw as soon as people are allowed to focus on anything other than what to f*cking call them, whilst SmackDown Live's re-emergence as the workrate brand over the past two years was forged by the likes of sub-six footers AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan undoing the damage done by body guy Jinder Mahal during his misguided tenure with the WWE Title in 2017.

The stocky or short or supposedly misshapen are still rule-proving exceptions in WWE, but there are at least more than there used to be - and marginally less pressure to conform to a McMahon-mandated "norm". For health, happiness or help in securing continued work a notoriously fickle industry, these talents have recently fought battles with their bodies and won.

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