10 Wrestlers Who Had Their Gimmicks Stolen

A good gimmick is hard to come by, so why not steal one?

A wrestler€™s gimmick or character is their livelihood. It€™s what enables them to get over and connect with the fans. As proven time and time again, the right character is extremely important. Steve Austin floundered in WCW€™s midcard with the €œStunning€ gimmick, but as Stone Cold, he rocketed to superstardom. Kevin Nash failed miserably in his various WCW gimmicks but achieved great success as Diesel in the World Wrestling Federation, and later as himself in the nWo. With the right gimmick a superstar can be born. However, it€™s not easy to come up with a great character or find one that connects in the perfect way with the crowd. There have been a great deal of lackluster and utterly terrible characters over the years. So, when a good gimmick is found, it€™s something to be cherished. Because of this, many wrestlers resort to simply ripping off what€™s worked in the past. There€™s been a lot of so-called gimmick infringement in wrestling€™s history. However, we€™re not here to talk about the guys who took some established ideas and qualities. Instead, we€™re going to take a look back at ten wrestling gimmicks that were blatantly stolen. No changes, no tweaks -- these gimmicks were plagiarised. Join us as we count down 10 wrestlers who had their gimmicks blatantly stolen from them.
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