10 Wrestlers Who Have Suffered The Most Since WrestleMania 34

Rudderless Ronda Rousey.


WrestleMania 34 presented us with both the best and the worst of WWE.

The main card started off at an incredible canter with what was the ideal opening match: an action-packed Intercontinental Title clash elevated beyond prime TV fare by the mere, grand stage on which it was wrestled. Cultivating a sense of genuine occasion, several shocks surged through the Superdome: Asuka cleanly tapped out to Charlotte, surrendering her Streak; Jinder Mahal tasted championship gold where most predicted he'd end up a comedy midcard jobber weeks after surrendering his WWE Championship; Stephanie McMahon participated in the best match of a card boasting AJ Styles Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura...

Then, the rot set in. WWE's lame comedy resurfaced, twice, as did its all-too-slow and simplistic big match style, insistence on the McMahon family, and a stranger still insistence on burying a man WWE has elevated to the chagrin of everybody. From the progressive to the regressive, from the barnstorming to the boring, from the sublime to the ridiculous, this was the definition of WWE in 2018 in all of its paradoxical (in)glory. The card spluttered as it groaned to a halt. As yet, WWE - nor too many of its marquee performers - have re-fuelled.

It's no use concentrating on those already mired in the gutter, like Mandy Rose or, somehow, Gran Metalik; this list mourns for those who, against all reason, are plummeting to their depths...*

*Sami Zayn excepted. The man has done himself a service by delivering awful, awful material somewhat respectably...

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