10 Wrestlers Who Were Notoriously Difficult To Work With

Game of Pricks.


WWE's monopoly over professional wrestling has altered it drastically.

In a bygone age, pro wrestlers in North America possessed an inherent value not dictated by one dominant company. Were they unhappy working for the WWF, another mainstream entity, WCW, was there to offer more money for fewer dates. Were they unhappy with the Hulk Hogan-shaped glass ceiling in WCW, the WWF was there to offer a genuine opportunity to excel inan environment with an actual ladder. Several, in fact. Steve Austin took it. Triple H took it. Both became stars, and used this star power as a protective cloak. Accordingly, the stars of the 1990s were not happy to trade wins and losses arbitrarily.

It's unheard of now.

Imagine Finn Bálor wading into Vince McMahon's office on August 27, 2018 and questioning why, after receiving such an incredible reaction at SummerSlam, he was scheduled to do a job to Baron Corbin eight days later. Knowing he'll never earn this much money anywhere else, he simply wouldn't dare. The b*llocking might even remove that smile from his face. Thus, there are minimal millennials on this list - though two stand out.

Are they proud, or utter pricks...?


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