10 Wrestlers WWE Fans Most Want To Win A World Title

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No one forgets when a fan favorite finally wins the big one. Christian, Daniel Bryan, Eddie Guerrero, and most recently Kofi Kingston are the poster children of performers finally grasping the brass ring. Legends like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and John Cena (among many others) have helped make the WWE title the best prize in all of wrestling, which makes it all the more better when the not so heavily pushed fan favorites finally have their day.

While there have been many great world champions over the years there are some deserving talent that the belt has passed over. This usually happens because of the current star power of another performer, looking at you John Cena and Brock Lesnar, but can also be the result of terrible booking decisions like was the case with Jinder Mahal. Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev, and Cesaro apparently aren’t suitable for the big belt but Jinder is?! What the f**k were you thinking Vince?

What’s even more frustrating is that there are some that finally get their hands on the coveted and elusive world title only to have poorly booked and lackluster title reigns. What makes this so frustrating is feeling like a performer was never given the true respect they always deserved. With all that being said let’s take a look at 10 current WWE wrestlers who we the fans most want to win a world title.

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