10 Wrestlers WWE Must Sign Before 2017 Ends

WWE needs some heroes to turn the ratings around.

dalton castle

The year 2017 has been a brutal one for WWE in many regards. The ratings stink. The storylines are largely uninspiring. Jinder Mahal continues to not really impress anybody. However, one area they have succeeded in is signing some great free agents!

The company has picked up Matt and Jeff Hardy, Drew Galloway, and brought Kurt Angle back into the fold over the past few months. These were all names that fans have been clamoring for years to see. Somehow, it hasn't been enough. Not even close.

The ratings continue to suffer in part due to the audience growing bored with seeing the exact same faces every week for 52 weeks a year. Despite the Superstar Shakeup, management needs to look outside the promotion to bring in a few names to create some buzz. And if NXT wants to keep its recent positive momentum going, a few additional free agents can keep that fire burning as well.

Since WWE is stuck in their ways, we're not likely to see any massive overhauls in the presentation of the product. This means bringing in new talent is one of the few realistic steps they can take to rekindle some interest with lapsed fans. Luckily, there are quite a few available names who are up for the challenge.

Here are 10 wrestlers that WWE must sign before 2017 ends.


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