10 Wrestlers WWE Will Sign In The Next 12 Months

Who will be the next to jump from the independents to WWE?

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Even in the wacky world of professional wrestling, certain things are inevitable. Brock Lesnar matches will be short, the Singh Brothers will get involved and Roman will prevail. Pro wrestling is a whole lot more than just WWE of course, but everything always comes back to Vince & co. You could say that there is an inevitability about that.

In 2017, Adam Cole signed with WWE. It was a move that many had predicted for years and years, with the only real surprise being how long it took to come to fruition. The Panama City Playboy seemed assured of an eventual place in the biggest wrestling promotion on the planet. It was a case of 'when' as opposed to 'if', and that 'when' finally came to pass just two months ago.

WWE’s position as the industry leader (in name, if not quality) means that fans will almost always speculate on whether this or that wrestler will sign with the company. WWE has consistently raided the independent scene over the last few years.

Names big and relatively small are continuously linked with WWE - but who will we see sign on the dotted line in the next 12 months?

10. Thomas Sharp

Thomas Sharp
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The name Thomas Sharp may not mean a whole lot to most readers. Blaster McMassive may turn a few more heads, but then Blaster McMassive is one of the greatest pro wrestling names of modern times. Arguably the only better names are those of McMassive’s former tag partners - Max Smashmaster and Flex Rumblecrunch.

Now known to the wrestling world as Thomas Sharp, the former McMassive has been working in EVOLVE for the past 12 months after years of success in CHIKARA. The gloriously named Devastation Corporation dominated Mike Quackenbush’s promotion, and Sharp has carried his brand of power and athleticism over to the WWN-backed promotion, a company that has a transparent working relationship with WWE.

For those unfamiliar with the big man, Sharp is the dictionary definition of ‘athletic hoss’. He is a 6’5” beefcake who can fly around the ring with relative ease. He seems made for the land of the giants. Sharp is still relatively inexperienced (he debuted in 2012), and he could be exactly what the WWE Performance Center is looking for.

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