10 Wrestling Chants That Changed Everything

10. "You Suck!"


In another time, Kurt Angle could have been WWE's biggest face, but in the Attitude Era, the jingoistic, overenthusiastic Olympic Gold Medalist was a hated heel. His music (which originally belonged to The Patriot) was the perfect accompaniment to his pompous, obnoxious character - it was an in-your-face theme that trumpeted Angle's arrival in a fashion which could not be ignored.

Somewhere along the line, some crowd somewhere discovered that the theme song - which contained two repeated brass blares - melded quite nicely with the chant "You suck!" From there, Angle couldn't enter an arena without fans singing "You suck!" in tune with his music. Edge once told Angle that, after their upcoming hair versus hair match, fans would start chanting "You're bald," but of course, that didn't happen.

Even when Angle was a popular babyface, fans still couldn't stop cheering "You suck!" It was just too much fun. Angle tried to explain that fans were actually chanting the words at his opponent, and encouraged them to point at his foe in the ring as they sang. That sort of worked, for a bit, but "You suck" never went away.


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