10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Aug 11)

Find out what the original plan for WWE's Punjabi Prison was...

Diamond Dallas Page DDP Gene Okerlund

The rise of Diamond Dallas Page is always something Eric Bischoff can point to when people claim WCW didn't have any good ideas outside of the nWo gimmick. Guys like DDP, Booker T and Goldberg were given their first shots at main event stardom in WCW, so to suggest the nWo was all the company had to offer is inaccurate.

In Page's mind though, the dominating New World Order gimmick was one WCW should have put more focus on. Find out why DDP thinks that in this week's article, along with a whole host of other wrestling-related facts about names like MVP, Jinder Mahal, The Vaudevillains and even Big Vito.

As if that wasn't enough, there's also a story from ex-WWE writer Court Bauer that will shock you. It turns out the bamboo cage structure that became known as the Punjabi Prison wasn't what WWE's creative team had in mind originally when they pitched an 'explosive' new match type to Vince McMahon...

10. Simon Gotch Doesn't Blame Himself For Enzo Amore's Concussion

enzo amore concussion wwe

Enzo Amore's nasty concussion at Payback 2016 was a reminder just how tight WWE's ring ropes are. Shot into the ropes by Simon Gotch, Enzo tried to slide under the ropes just a little too late and ended up smashing his head against the middle strand. It didn't help that he then bashed his head on the arena floor on the way down.

During a shoot interview with RF Video, Gotch said he doesn't blame himself for Enzo's injury. He did feel bad at the time (who wouldn't?), but claimed it's clear to see from video of the incident that Amore did the damage himself. There's no arguing that, because Amore was way too close to the ropes when attempting the slide.

Gotch would later be released by WWE in April, 2017. The release didn't come because of the Payback accident though, and the former Vaudevillain member said people backstage in WWE knew how clumsy Enzo was long before that tag match.


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