10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Aug 17)

"They like the one with the hair, pal."

AJ Styles

Understatement of the century alert: AJ Styles has become a made man in WWE, is a wrestling machine between the ropes and more comfortable on the mic than he's ever been. Imagine AJ at his very best in TNA, then add an extra layer of confidence and the backing of Vince McMahon.

That's the life Styles' lives today, and (to borrow from his own playbook) it's phenomenal.

Catch AJ at the right moment, away from WWE's lofty platform and his status as WWE Champ, and you'll find a humble, hungry man who recognises his limitations. That was the impression left by Styles during an interview with Dirtfork this week. He really doesn't see himself how millions of others do.

Find out all about that story here, and there's the usual collection of other weird, quirky and sometimes hilarious facts too. Just who did Vinnie Mac use to prank the current President of the United States during the Attitude era, and which series of WWF videos kept Becky Lynch sane during her darkest moments?

"Hello, my friend, we meet again. It's been a while, where should we begin?"

With big Bob's debut, that's where...


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