10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Aug 18)

Find out why Jerry Lawler isn't a fan of plain old Finn Bálor...

Finn Balor

A lot of fans were angry when Roman Reigns beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 in what could be the legend's final match. As Reigns celebrated on the ramp, thousands filed out of the Camping World Stadium, all of them muttering under their breath that WWE's golden boy had struck again.

That heat was only exacerbated the next night on Raw when a smug Reigns proudly declared that WWE's ring was now 'his yard'. Roman couldn't have got a word in even if he had wanted to, because the capacity crowd rained non-stop boos down on him. Smartly using that to his advantage and staying quiet, Roman only had a few words to say.

Meanwhile, officials were flapping backstage, but why? Were they mad at Reigns for defiantly coming across as a heel, or did Roman himself do something that's frowned upon in wrestling? It turns out he did, and even WWE's cameramen were a bit annoyed by his actions, or (more accurately) lack of them.

Let's look at the facts...

10. Raw Marked The First Time Nia Jax Got Goosebumps In The Ring

Nia Jax Sasha Banks

Monday's match between Nia Jax and Sasha Banks was fun, but it still marks a decline from the great matches Banks had with Charlotte Flair last year. Jax disagrees though, because she told PWInsider that it was the first time she'd ever had goosebumps when wrestling a match. That's somewhat surprising given her history.

Jax had good matches in NXT with Bayley on regular programming and at major shows like NXT TakeOver: London. Those matches seemingly didn't strike a chord with her like the Raw battle against Sasha did this week. Nia said that Monday was the first time she's ever "had a moment" during a match; she just couldn't believe how loud the fans were.

Aside from her initial squash matches last Summer, Jax hasn't really connected with fans on the main roster as of yet. A few more matches like the one with Sasha and she'd have more of a chance, although WWE could also do with giving her more character too.


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