10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Feb 22)

Learn how Eric Bischoff nearly attempted the ultimate storyline.

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We live in a world where 48-year old veteran Chris Jericho is as relevant as ever in 2019 and has exclusively signed with a WWE competitor after 20 years under Vince McMahon's rule. The wrestling world is batsh*t at times, and it's wonderful to see an old favourite continue to reinvent himself. Things might be a hell of a lot different had Jericho accepted an offer from elsewhere in the industry though.

No, we don't mean New Japan or WWE.

Find out all about a proposed offer for the legend in this week's article. As usual, the other entries are bursting with wrestling facts we didn't know last week too. There are inoffensive ribs (poor Pedro Morales just wanted to pee), cancelled feuds that would've been awesome, faked deaths (but not the one you're probably thinking of), frosty friendships and more.

You'll learn what Ronda Rousey told Becky Lynch before Elimination Chamber, which wrestler told RVD he was thick for giving up WCW, who 'The Man' sought unexpected advice from and why WrestleMania 23 was nearly so, so different.

Booyaka, booyaka...

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