10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (March 22)

Find out which match Chris Jericho can "never, eeeeeeever" look back on again...

Alexa Bliss

Elias will have his musical interlude (hey, it's better than Machine Gun Kelly or Kid Rock) and R-Truth and Carmella will perform a little dance break, but it's Alexa Bliss who is the main host of this year's WrestleMania festivities. She's come a long way since playing the glitter-fuelled cheerleader on NXT.

This week's article has facts about Alexa's time down in development. Both of them are funny, and they show a different side to Bliss' journey through the ranks. Let's just say she won't be throwing glitter around should she come out for a mid-show promo, especially if that takes place inside the ring.

Tyler Breeze would lose his sh*t.

Other stories on tap include cancelled WWE Network shows that almost made air, what happened to Christian over the festive period that acted as a sick reminder of his main career highlights, who worried they'd lose an arm at WrestleMania VII and what dick move JBL pulled at the 'Mania 21 after party.

If you work behind a bar and the WWE crew happen to stop by, don't let Mr. Layfield tip you for service...


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