10 Wrestling Matches Everybody Gets Wrong

Don't cry for Shawn Michaels.


What is any of this for, if not to scream your own subjective opinion into a void when the world won't listen?

This is why everybody takes to Twitter - to be heard, to be validated, to feel more worthwhile in your digital reflection than your real self.

This is just a list, a list informed by a universal need to put the wrestling world to rights because there's no greater pain than having a correct take that nobody else has caught up with, is there? Equally, there's no better a petty feeling than that take forming the consensus. Your writer was adamant that NXT's format was functional to a fault, and the move to the USA Network was brought everything into focus. It is functional to a fault; the post-match attack to build to another match is clinical and uninspiring - and, as it happens, ineffective.

It's a good feeling. It would be better, if NXT was a better show and Wednesday nights were even better, but it's nice to be right, especially when you (I) was naive enough to think WWE could book Bray Wyatt correctly. Read those six words again and die inside.

Agree. Disagree.

It's all in the name of The Discourse from which you cannot escape...


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