10 WWE Angles Everybody Gets Wrong

You're either Nexus, against us or totally confused...

The Ultimate Warrior

The best wrestling angles are those that immediately grip the audience and are easy to understand.

It makes sense. If people can identify with a character's story, what they're trying to achieve and why, then they'll be more inclined to come along for the ride. The challenge comes in writing these gimmicks and angles consistently, or at least consistently enough in the main event (money) spots.

When things aren't laid out clearly, it gets confusing and the fans tend to make up their own narrative. Conversely, some wrestling fans have a tendency to look at things a little too plainly, and they take things at face value when there's so much more to them than first meets the eye. That's the subject here; these 10 entries deal with storylines and creative direction that were either so poorly explained or presented that people got the wrong idea.

This led to misunderstandings that would've been avoided had the writers put a bit more effort in or the fans not jumped to conclusions. Please note: why some of these angles were booked in the first place isn't necessarily defensible. They are, however, misunderstood...

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