10 WWE Champions That Didn’t Fit Vince McMahon’s Mold

10. Eddie Guerrero


Today Latino Heat is revered as a patron saint of WWE, an amazing performer who passed away before his time. However, during his first run with the company, Eddie Guerrero more closely resembled a devil as booze and pills dominated his life, leading to his release in 2001. It’s not like he was pegged for main event status, according to former WWE executive Bruce Prichard, who revealed on his Something to Wrestle With podcast that McMahon saw potential in only Chris Benoit out of the Radicalz.

So how did this 5’8, Mexican-American, cruiserweight-labelled, addict become WWE Champion? By turning his “flaws” into attributes – Guerrero’s story of redemption resonated with the audience, his victory over substance abuse became a badge of honor. In the two years since he was rehired, Guerrero mastered a beloved hooligan character, playing on stereotypes in a tongue-in-cheek way.

With his natural in-ring ability, newfound connection with the fans and genuine underdog story, Latino Heat overcame all odds to reach the zenith of WWE.

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