10 WWE Feuds Where The Wrong Person Won

The most unfortunate victims of John Cena, Triple H and co.


Feuds are the lifeblood of wrestling, giving meaning to the action going on inside the ring, and hooking the fans' emotions along the way. A well-built rivalry with a satisfying payoff can give both men involved a valuable boost, especially the winner. The only problem is getting it right, a task far easier said than done...

Sadly, even the biggest promotion in the world can mess up a feud with startling regularity. Over the years, the WWE have built incredibly promising rivalries...only to fall at the last hurdle, giving the rub to the entirely wrong man and drawing the ire of countless fans.

The consequences of a bad feud aren't just felt by the loser; a bad ending can seriously derail the winner's momentum, especially if fans react in a particularly disgruntled manner. Sometimes, even if a feud's conclusion seems infuriatingly obvious to everybody watching, the entirely wrong course of action can be taken. The WWE's stubborn refusal to go back on a bad decision usually makes everything worse, although they have occasionally relented in instances of extreme fan pressure.

Here are ten feuds where just about everybody knew which superstar should have gone over, only for the WWE to maddeningly defy expectations.

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