10 WWE Matches Doomed From The Start

You don't have to face The Undertaker to be a dead man walking...


A number of factors need to converge for a match to be a truly magic piece of work.

The performers are key, of course. Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and select others at times entered "broomstick" form (so called because it was posited that they were so good that they could carry said household item to an entertaining match), but something truly great usually requires both or all wrestlers to be super-skilled rather than superfluous.

The booking is key, of course. Without a story, a match is half itself. With either a tale told beforehand or one weaved during the battle itself, a match grows in stature because its very reason for being is validated. Investing in a battle between Wrestler A and Wrestler B will only happen if there's something to invest in in the first place, or at the very latest half way through. Without an angle for fullness, the contest will be empty at the end.

The setting is key, of course. When is nearly as important as why. Wrestling, like comedy and picking the right moment to end introductions like this, is all about timing.

One of these features - at least - is key, of course. Without them though...


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