10 WWE Matches That Made Vince McMahon Angry


Vince McMahon Gorilla

Hearing the dulcet, sometimes raspy tones of Vincent Kennedy McMahon pour through the headset must be a perpetual nightmare WWE commentators wake up sweaty from. The boss demands a watertight production - he always has - and has long held true to his own unique vision for what pro wrestling should be.

In other words, it ain't pro wrestling. It's f*cking sports entertainment, damn it.

Those own lofty standards are presumably why Vince has been left foaming at the mouth by the actions of his staff, specifically those in-ring, over the years. There must be countless matches McMahon privately hated, and thousands more that made him angry, but these are the ones we know about thanks to reports from sources like The Wrestling Observer or others.

Sometimes, the single most powerful man in the industry gives his performers a hearty thumbs up from Gorilla when they return backstage, or embraces them with a hug like he did with Asuka at TLC. Then, when he's less-than-satisfied, that coy smile and friendly gesture turns into boiling rage worthy of The Incredible Hulk.

You wouldn't like Vince when he's angry...


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