10 WWE Plans Doomed From The Start

9. Matt Turns On Jeff


One of the few cases of TNA/Impact Wrestling managing something WWE never could, the 'Broken' Universe was finally the stage best suited for Matt and Jeff Hardy to work against one another instead of in tandem.

Ironically, it worked so well that there was no option but to pair them again, kicking off a run that brought them back to WWE in 2017. It had perhaps taken the company eight years to forgive and forget the listless rivalry born almost entirely out of Vince McMahon's stubbornness rather than either's particular penchant for working together again.

Jeff was WWE Champion heading into a Royal Rumble 2009 bout with Edge but was living through hell thanks to a mysterious figure running his car off the road and even taking kayfabe credit for the real life house fire that tragically killed his dog.

The table had been laid for Christian's WWE return from TNA, with 'Captain Charisma' scheduled to take Edge's side for a reboot of the legendary Attitude Era series between the pairs as headliners. Less of a spoiler than an obvious outcome, the prevalence of the story annoyed McMahon enough that he put a swerve-turning Matt in the spot instead.

The feud's origin story was little more than a p*ssed off Vince. The conclusion was probably quite similar when the warring siblings tanked on his 'Grandest Stage' a few months later too.


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