10 WWE Roster Trades That Must Happen In 2018

10. Randy Orton To Raw


You'd never say it to his face, but doesn't it sort of feel like Randy Orton has been phoning it in a little over the last 18 months?

Granted, this could have more to do with the opponents he's been paired with than anything else. Producing your best work with an inexperienced Jinder Mahal, or worse yet, inside Bray Wyatt's House of Horrors, can't be easy - regardless of how polished a performer you are.

But it does seem like The Viper needs a fresh challenge, and more to the point, a shift in character. His SmackDown run has been disappointing largely because of the fact that he's remained a face throughout, despite clearly being more natural as a heel.

With a bigger roster and one or two opponents that he is yet to really lock horns with, Raw would be a good place for the company to reignite some of that Legacy-era Randy Orton fire. And, if nothing else, it would at least allow him to have another run at Brock Lesnsar, who he never did get back at for caving his head open at last year's SummerSlam.

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