10 WWE Superstars Most Likely To Become World Champion For The First Time In 2018

10. Elias


Rewind a year and the notion of the superstar then known as Elias Samson appearing on a list like this would seem ridiculous. He was faltering on NXT with a terrible gimmick as The Drifter. When he debuted on Raw in April, many observers scratched their heads at his rapid ascent to the main roster. Since then, he has proved everybody wrong.

Elias is now one of the most over heels in WWE. His weekly appearances to serenade the audience with snarky songs are a highlight of Raw and he has also showed an impressive level of intensity in the ring, with an explosive powerhouse style.

The top brass in WWE are clearly keen on Elias, handing him a major promo segment with John Cena in Chicago on Christmas Day, followed by a competitive match with the franchise player. Elias has shone in every opportunity he has been given since his call-up, so if the company finds a gap in its main event scene this year, Elias could be the heel to fill it.


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