10 WWE Superstars With The Worst T-Shirts EVER

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Wrestling t-shirts are an acquired taste. They are, however, a genuine currency in the modern era. Cody Rhodes' All In event, for all its incredible success, is already stacking cash on top of cash by slapping the logo on every bit of merchandise fit to make. Far from just icing on a cake, the merch game is now a second desert after the main course of the match itself.

Vince McMahon always knew this of course. He was lightyears ahead of his opposition back in the 1980s even if the sight of toys piled high in his office put off his more old school employees.

Attending a WWE show now is tantamount to a stroll through a Toys R Us. Multiple merch stands are swamped with items ranging from clothing to christmas decorations, with almost every superstar well furnished. Chris Jericho famously requested WWE not flog his gear during his time as a heel to sell the character - but has since reneged on that as part of his work with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Bullet Club and Los Ingobernables de Japon-inspired gear earned 'Y2J' a spot in the lucrative Hot Topic detal brokered between NJPW and the superstore - the royalty cheques were too great to turn down.

It's for this reason, and this reason alone, that he (didn't) JUST MAKE THE LIST! But plenty of his colleagues absolutely sailed through...


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