10 WWE Things That Are Impossible To Believe In

TL;DR: Everything.


Suspension of disbelief is the tenet on which pro wrestling was built.

It had to be, given the inherent artifice of the medium; a simulated form of combat that unravels under the scantest of scrutiny - hence why so much of the populace is aghast at its very existence - those open to its charms require a form of world-building necessary to keep their interest in the enterprise from falling apart at the seams. If this meticulous world-building isn't in place, the promotion itself falls apart, which is how one arrives at Goldberg refusing to go up for powerbombs.

Jerry Jarrett's booking philosophy was genius in its simplicity: If you can persuade the audience to believe Plausible Premise A, they will more likely be receptive to Implausible Premises B and C. This used to be the case in the old WWF, even with a patently absurd cast of characters dominating the landscape. With cards set in advance, governed by a man of great authority in Jack Tunney, you could just about allow yourself to believe that a state athletic commission wouldn't balk at it. Even if you balk at the idea of conflating traditional pro wrestling with sport, ludicrous pro wrestling, too, requires internal consistency. Lucha Underground makes more sense in its own context that WWE does in the context of WWE.

Suspension of disbelief has fallen apart in 2018, even if WWE's immense corporate financing means it hardly matters...


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