10 WWE TV Matches That Were Better Than They Had Any Right To Be

You gave this away? For free?!


Ever since the then WWF decided to stage a weekly televised show called Monday Night Raw way back in 1993, the gift of wrestling has been available for free, every Monday. WWE SmackDown! joined the party in April 1999, as a single televised special, only to become its own brand in August of that same year. Enhancement shows such as Sunday Night Heat, Velocity, Superstars and Main Event have since housed the castaways of the main roster too.

Then there's NXT, which post-reality TV show era, has become the new home of the stars of tomorrow, even recently signing a deal with USA to become a two-hour fixture every Wednesday night. Not to mention 205 Live and NXT UK putting on clinics like it's going out of fashion.

All in all, WWE programming has never been richer in diversity or riper in match quality but we still get thrown every once in a while with how good a TV match actually is. Usually, showcase matches are saved for PPVs and specials as that's what the fans are paying that $9.99-a-month WWE Network fee for. So, when a match (either through lack of build or simply the individuals involved) tricks you into thinking you're watching a Big-Four PPV only to realise it's a weeknight, you have to take note.

They do know we're getting these for free, right?


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