10 WWE Wrestlers Stephanie McMahon Has Emasculated

Like husband like wife.


Exactly how much flak Stephanie McMahon should get is a contentious subject in the world of professional wrestling fandom, the general consensus being 'quite a lot'.

Apart from her last name, the best explanation for the hostility is the fact that she has been all over the WWE product for what seems like an eternity. There are good reasons for this, of course: though it's almost a self-fulfilling prophecy, she's clearly an excellent heel, capable of generating a response from the crowd like almost no-one else on the roster.

But, like her shovel-wielding husband, she also has an unfortunate habit of putting herself centre-stage, in turn leaving the wrestlers with whom she shares it looking like complete chumps. A good example of this came as recently as last week, when she stole Ronda Rousey's thunder by slapping the UFC fighter across the face. Unlike most, Ronda will at least get chance to exact some measure of revenge come WrestleMania.

The rest are left entirely emasculated. And that 'rest' is a pretty sizable bunch; it's basically the Raw's commissioner's gimmick. Anyone who's anyone in wrestling has been given the naughty puppy treatment with a bollocking from the boss.